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Wet Adhesion

In some fields of application, a so called wet adhesion is recommended. The advantage here is that uncontrolled adhesion can be avoided. Examples include all adhesion on glass, such as the adhesion of LG Hausys Win-Deco films for glass finishing or translucent films for illuminated advertising. In outdoor areas, wet adhesion should only be used in warm months (temperatures from approximately 18°C).

Ideally the adhesive side of the film is wetted thoroughly with a slackening agent (e.g. washing up liquid). The surface to which the film is to be bonded should be treated in the same way so that the film can be slid into the correct position on a cushion of water. Next, apply pressure to the film in overlapping sweeping movements using a squeegee. Surplus water should be soaked up with a sponge or with a dry towel. Repeat the process if necessary.

Yellowing Yellowing is displayed through a yellow to dark brown discoloration of film and adhesive. Low-grade products are sometimes lacking in high quality UV absorbers, which help to eliminate hydrogen chloride in UV radiation or high continuous temperatures.