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converd blox lite

A 100% opaque green alternative to PVC vinyl banner that is printable on both sides and ideally suited for window and hanging displays.


(opaque banner material)

Blox-Lite® is a FSC®-certified, dimensionally stable, bright white composite media that is printable two-sides. The product employs a deep tinted inner ply for maximum light blocking properties.

This C2S (coated two side) heavyweight material is a sustainable alternative to non-recyclable block out PVC vinyl for hanging signage.

Blox-Lite® is moisture resistant and suitable for sewing, grommeting and can even be assembled or fabricated with pole pockets using double-faced tape.

Blox-Lite® Chrome is a 10 Pt direct aluminum metallized variation of our proven Blox-Lite product family that is created to provide a stunning visual impact for traditional hanging signs and banners.

Available on a C1S (coated one-side) or C2S with a brushed chrome metallic print surface.

Blox-Lite® FR is a 14 Pt flame-retardant banner material engineered to provide an extra margin of safety in crowded public environments where concerns over fire safety exist. Certified using test method NFPA 701, this product offers exceptional flame retardancy without compromising printability, brightness or whiteness.

converd blox lite applications


  • Hanging signage
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Front lit displays
  • Window signage
  • Indoor POP
  • Trade show signage

Installation Options

  • Grommets
  • Double-face tape
  • Velcro
  • Suction cups
  • Sewing