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Corrugated Application

Using the KASEMAKE software a custom size corrugated (FEFCO) design can be created in matter of seconds, ready for estimating, printing, exporting out to a diemaker (typically in CF2 format) or artwork department (typically in AI or PDF format), or for producing on a cutting table.

Simply pick a design from the extensive library of styles and feed in the basic sizes and board profile you require. Make on-screen modifications if necessary, or use them as a basis for a bespoke design. Designs can be created from scratch with the user-friendly drawing tools available in the software.

The finished designs are logged into an integral database along with relevant details and can even be folded into 3D with artwork applied for a virtual sample.

The key features of the KASEMAKE design software are:

  • Standard familiar Windows Interface
  • Easy, intuitive, customisable and quick to learn
  • Large libraries of standard designs for FEFCO (Corrugated), POS/POP Displays, plus ECMA (folding Carton), and Folders/wallets
  • 3D folding and virtual proofing, allows a design to be folded with or without artwork, showing board texture and flute
  • 3D animations and high resolution visuals for customer approval
  • Job card / Specification Sheet Templates for A4 prints
  • Integral Database for logging job data and searching for jobs
  • Intelligent layout for fitting multi-up jobs to a sheet
  • Output files to die makers, Apple Mac and artwork systems
  • Import files from other systems
  • Die (cutter guide) creation and costing for estimating price of the cutting die


Each KM table offers a high quality die-cut standard finish for one off prototypes. Equally the tables are suited for die-less production, cutting to print register for either flexo, screen, litho or digitally printed sheets.

With a versatile range of tooling for cutting and creasing, for production of micro flutes and profiles up to 15mm thick, with liners of any grammage. Table formats can be either a static cutting bed or automated production, both systems offering the best value for money solutions.