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UV-600 LNE Series - Industrial UV Printer

UV Printer UV600 LNE

iUV600-LNE - UV Printer for Small Parts, Industrial Parts, Promotional Items, Packaging, Sign Board etc.

The iUV600-LNE Series was designed for uninterrupted mass printing to industrial components and promotional items.

An auto infeed conveyor, loads trays of products for printing direct into the dual LED UV printer for quick printing and continuous in line decoration to a range of shapes and sizes. Typically, elements with a maximum height of 300mm are loaded to trays 600 x 500mm in dimension, and up to 5 trays are fed through the printer and ejected to either a conveyor or stacker for final scrutiny and delivery. Additional trays are pre loaded off line or with addition of a Scara or artesian robot pick n place.

The LNE series can print all day/shift with least operator intervention and literally thousands of products can be printed continuously with variable data, barcodes or copy change per product.

Colour output is provided via a dual LED uv printer utilising 3.5ng min drop sizes at hi resolutions of 1440dpi with CMYK, white and gloss inks.

UV printer uv600 LNE


UV printer 600 LNE applications



UV printer uv600 LNE dimensions


Printhead On-demand inkjet (Micro Piezo)
1440 nozzles. 3.5Nq-42Nq drop.
Resolution Draft Modes: 360 x 360, 720 x 360
Production Modes: 1440 x 720, 1440 x 1440, 720 x 720dpi
Colour 8 (Dual CMYK or CMYK+W+C)
(Cl=Clear, W=White)
Print Area Tray: 600mm x 500mm
Min print area: Not applicable
Max print area: 530 x 480mm
Max media height: 300mm
Drive Processor driven conveyor w/- height alert and Auto height registration
Speed* Draft (360dpi ranges): @ 35m2 (@376ft2)
22 Production (720dpi ranges): @ 9.29m(@100ft)
Quality (1440dpi ranges): @ 4.642m(@50ft2)
Inks Individual 250/500ml refillable ink tanks.
Available with iUV LEDpigmented UV-curable inks
in 1000ml and 500ml bottle
Ink Delivery Bottle - pressurised CYMK
Bottle - pressurised re-circulation - white (WIMS) with filtration (white ink)
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
RIP - IQ Rip
Electrical AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 10A,
Consumption - 55W or less, Standby - 5W, O - 1W

Infeed Conveyor

Infeed 5 trays by 600x500mm
Additional trays available
Conveyor Capacity 5 trays - infeed conveyor
Auto height alert
Loading Time Average 6 seconds
Tray Change-over Average 20 seconds
Indexing Pitch min. 10 mm pitc
Electrical AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 10A,
Consumption - 350
Air Pressure 4 - 6 bar
Consumption - 10 ltr/min. max