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Fastest UV Printer iUV 1200s

iUV-1200s, Kasemake and FC4550 Flatbed Cutter Package

With the iUV-1200s, Kasemake and FC4500 cutter plotter package, you can easily create prototypes and packaging short runs , Lables, Folding cartons, small to medium display stand etc. You can do brilliant color UV printing,  Crease and Contour Cut.
All with this package.


Short run Packaging

The iUV-1200s makes it fast and easy to print and FC4500 can cut virtually any shape. It’s ideal for Mockups and packaging prototypes.

short run packaging

label printing

Short run Label Production

iUV-1200s can Print CMYK plus white on foils, PET film etc. Clear coat adds 3D effects. it allows you to print personalized labels wich is perfect for prototyping a series of packages or production of custom bottles.

Small to Medium Display Stand

Print and Cut wide-format for all types of signs, POS and graphics.

display stand sample

uv printer iUV-1200s
  • 8 Color Channels
  • Eco UV Inks
  • UV LED Printer
  • 300mm Height
  • Bed Size 1150mm x 750mm
  • Dual LED Lamps
  • >300sqf/h

Cutting Plotter FC4550
  • FC4550-50 (590mm X 430mm)
  • FC4510-60 (860mm X 600mm)
  • Advanced reverse-side cutting/creasing function
  • Advanced Registration Mark
    Sensing system
  • Enhanced functions for higher productivity

kasemake software
  • Unique 2D Drafting Tools
  • Parametric Design Libraries
  • Stunning 3D Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Exchange
  • Easy Design Editing
  • Workflow Managment

UV Printer Cutting Plotter Kasemake Bundle
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