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What Makes Different

faster UV LED printer 


The fastest UV LED Printer, Com-Press iUV 600 series prints up to 8 times faster than its nearest competitor.

Speed Table
* Based on dual CMYK. Approximate figures dependent on graphics etc. and are a guide only. White and clear can lower production rates. Additional print modes supported within RIP.

 Directional UV LED Printer


FIRST UV digital printer which print in Bi and Uni directional (most of other UV printers typically run in Uni directional modes). The iUV series print in bi-directional 360/720 and 1440dpi modes as standard).

 Larger UV LED Flatbed Printer


Larger print area compared to other competitors for more productivity and flexibility. A2+ iUV600s (450x600mm) as standard – A1+ iUV600xl (600x1200mm)

 UV Lamps UV Printers

Dual water cooled LED lamps 

Dual water cooled lamps for FAST printing on heat sensitive media. manually operated lamp intensity controls in iUV Series allows longer production runs without needing to use higher dpi modes uni-directional.

 Higher UV Printer


Adjustable media height helps to print on objects up to 300mm thick (150mm thicker than its nearest competitor). A perfect choice of UV printer for printing higher value items and packaging prototypes.

 Lower Cost UV Printer

Lower cost

The Com-Press iUV600s and iUV600xl available at unbeatable lower cost

 Office Shop Flatbed UV LED Printer

Perfect for the office or shop

Low odour Com-press inks suitable for easy operation in office environment

 Ink UV Printers

Ink choice

Choice of ink types like Hard, semi-flexible and thermo-formable enable the widest range of print applications. This helps to print more products easily.

 CMYK Colours UV Printers

Millions of colours

A transition from traditional pad/screenprinting and eliminate plate/screen set ups. Print with CMYK colours, plus white and clear inks.

 Easy Yo Use UV LED Printer

Easy to use

Easy to operate and intuitive RIP interface makes the printing process simple with the Com-press iUV Series UV LED printers. An inbuilt profiling engine supports Dot accuracy in multiple layers.

 Rolls UV Printers

Roll options

Plastics and magnet substrates are also accommodated on the iUV600s with a non powered unwind devise using 3 and 1.5inch media cores for continuous sheet

 Environment LED UV Printer

Environment control

Inbuilt humidity and temperature gauge ensures optimum operational conditions for trouble free printing.

 Anti Static Flatbed UV Printer

Anti Static

To reduce fine dust particles during long run, Anti static Bars are fitted on the in feed of the printer. This protects clogging in print heads

 Vac Bed UV Printer

No vacuum bed

Silicon sticky plates equipped with iUV 600s Series UV LED printer hold product firmly and are also cleanable. This replaces traditional vacuum beds which requires extra power or compressed air.

 WIMS UV LED Printers

WIMS (White Ink Management Systems)

White Ink Management System reduces ink related issues like Head clogging and maintenance downtime. White ink is production ready any time with Re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers.

 IQ UV LED Printers

IQ Interweave

New iQ Interweave technology prints in a wave pattern instead of staggered lines which helps in reducing banding at low resolutions. iQ Interweave technology delivers greater flexibility and quality of print to a wider range of products

 PDHP LED UV Printer

PDHP (Positive Damper Head Protection)

For consistent color accuracy and better reliability, iUV 600S series uses a pressurized damper on each individual color with 1.2psi of constant pressure for better ink delivery. Consistent ink delivery ensures less clogging and longer prints without the stress for ink replenishment to the nozzle plate

 Ink Mist UV Printer

Ink mist extraction

With a low noise, high performance axial fan is mounted and sealed in a position where the ink mist is trapped prior to settling over your encoder strips. The Com-Press range encapsulates the ink misting and overspray in a sealed compartment

 Rotary Fastet UV Printer

Rotary attachment

Rotary attachment option helps in direct print to cylindrical items such as bottles, glass tumblers, candles, water bottles and more.

 Backup UV Printer

Best backup

Com-Press offers fully comprehensive warranty backup and your reseller ensure reliable year on year performance .

 Industrial UV LED PRinters

Industrial quality

World renowned industrial print devices manufacturer Com-Press( a division of Impression Technology Engineering) assures precision, industrial grade components and precision assembly on the devices you invested.