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UV Printer for Cell Phone,Tablet & Laptop Cases

uv printing phone case
iUV 600s / iUv 1200s UV Flatbed Printer mobile covers printing machine allow you to print photo quality type images, text and logos to be printed in high resolution on your phone cases, laptop cases etc.

With this printer you can easliy create embossed texture or 3D effects on cases.

iUV 600s / iUv 1200s UV LED Printer doesn’t require any pretreatment for phone cases before printing. The UV ink can be cured instantly and the product is ready for delivery immediately after printing. The UV printed phone cases are water proof, alcohol proof, anti scratch.

You can print multiple mobile phone covers in sigle pass with the use of custom jigs on a variety of materials like hard mobile case, soft TPU case and leather cases.



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