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UV Signage Printers

UV signage printer
iUV 600s / iUV 1200s UV Printers are best suited for printing indoor and outdoor signages. UV Printer simplifies the printing process and works with a variety of material like wood, plastic, acrylic, ceramic tiles and more. Printed final product is resistant to fading, scratches, moisture and heat.

iUV 600s / iUV 1200s Flatbed UV Printers are excellent choice for sign making industry as it can create full colour digital printing on labels and packaging, bottles, 3D or Embossed textures, posters and signage, and many others.

UV LED printers are Eco-Friendly and does not use any harmful solvents. Instant curing as it is printing makes the final product ready for delivery as soon as it comes off the printer.

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